Great Gift for Movies Lovers

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One of the easiest and best gifts you can give to a movie lover is a gift card. If the movie lover in your life enjoys wholesome Christian movies and entertainment is just the right place to get a gift card. Gift cards to purchase movies take all the guesswork out of trying to pick the exact right movie that they may want. Many times we think we might know what they want, but often they may have already purchased the movie they told us they wanted or if they may have changed their mind and no longer want that movie. A gift card from get you out of this trap and allows them to purchase whatever movie they want at whatever time they want.

Fish Flix provides free shipping on orders of $40 or more. This simply adds to the benefit of you purchasing a gift card from them. If there’s somebody who likes to binge watch movies this is the place to purchase those movies and get free shipping which will allow them to put that shipping money towards treats like popcorn. Or better yet allows them to put that money toward something more powerful like college, healthy food, or a gym membership. You then can purchase a bag of popcorn for them to enjoy as they watch the movie that they purchased with your gift card.

Either way whether you buy the popcorn, they buy the popcorn, or they don’t even eat popcorn they have the opportunity to save some money on free shipping of orders $40 or more. Fish Flix is shopper approved with 2960 reviews still maintaining a five star rating. There are several ways that they maintain this high shopper approval rating. They constantly are offering discounts on movies in their online store. Some of the recent offers have been for discounts of up to 90%. Another way they maintain this high rating is through fast reliable delivery and ensuring their customers have the best possible purchasing and movie watching experience with what is in their direct control.

And on top of all of that they also offer a 10% off simply for signing up for their newsletter. Fish Flix makes it easy for you to stay on top of all the latest Christian movies. They do this by having two tabs at the top of their website. One of the tabs is the What’s new tab. This has all of the new movies that have been added to the Fish website. The second tab is the Coming Soon tab. This tab allows you to know when some of your favorite new movies will be available for purchase. This allows you to relax and simply look on the Fish Flix website to know all the latest movies available to you.

If you have a birthday, graduation, or other special holiday approaching there is no better gift for your movie loving friends and family than a gift card to Fish Flix maintains the highest level of customer approval with a five-star rating after 2960 reviews. They also offer free shipping on orders of $40 or more. They offer discounts on over 1000 different movie titles. And they have an entire tab and section dedicated to bargains. For a large selection of the best Christian movies head over to Debbie WW.Fish

Top 3 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Family With Movies

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One of the top three easiest and most fun ways of spending quality time with your family is by watching Christian movies. There is nothing quite like your entire family getting together, dimming the lights, popping up some popcorn, and snuggling in for a nice wholesome fun-loving feel-good movie. Many families even start movie-watching traditions where they watch the same movie at the same time each year, year after year. The question then becomes where is the best place to find reasonably priced Christian movies. W boasts over 200 movies in their discounted Christian DVDs and Blu-ray’s to entertain, educate and edify the whole family section.

A second way to spend quality time with your family is actually in the movie selection process. With such a huge selection of movies available in this day and age, many people spend more time looking for a movie than they do actually watching movies. One of the things that you can do as a family is creating a game out of looking for movies and finding movies that everybody will like. You could do a game of who can find a movie that everybody in the family will like to watch the fastest. You could create a game where each member of the family gets to pick the movie that gets watched every week in a rotating fashion. A third way to spend quality time is to create an entire trivia game around Christian movies. allows you to peruse, sort, and collect data on the world’s top faith-based movies so that you can create a killer movie trivia game. You can even have your entire family come up with questions based on the information that can be found on This can be everything from major actors in the film to the plot of the movie. The important part is that you make it fun for everybody in the family and that everybody in the family gets to engage and is engaged in the activity. So there you have it, the top three ways to spend quality time with your family completely revolving around movies. Everybody likes movies. The more fun you can have with them, the more games that you can play with them, and the more your family can get engaged in family time with Christian movies the greater the impact these movies can have on their lives.

These are only three ideas of things you can do with your family based on movies. I am sure there are hundreds more if you just sit down and think about it. So if your family loves movies give one or all three of these a try. provides a vast resource for you in coming up with and creating games around movies. They don’t come up with the games for you, but they do provide a vast selection of movies for you to build your games around. If you’re looking for a movie that the whole family will enjoy without the gore, violence, and foul language of many movies these days Fish Flix is your number one source. Good luck with your games and have fun creating, building, and strengthening the bonds with your family around movies. Head over to right now to get the creative juices flowing.

Christian Movies That the Whole Family Will Enjoy

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With so many Christian movies available today, it’s hard to find the ones at your entire family will enjoy. It’s especially hard to find movies if your family has varying age ranges, genders, and interests. A website makes selecting movies that the whole family will enjoy a lot easier. Fish Flix has categorized movies in over 25 different categories so that you can find movies fast for the exact genre that you want to look into. So if you’re looking for movies that are faith-based and the whole family will enjoy go to right now. If you’re like many of the Fish Flix customers you like to order movies in bulk. Fish Flix has listened to their customers and understand that it is important for them to get free shipping on their orders.

So they have graciously provided free shipping on orders of $40 or more. This way you can stock up on your movies at the beginning of the month get free shipping and then have all the movies right at hand for your enjoying pleasure. This allows you to buy movies at a lower rate than you can buy them at every other online retailer where you have to pay for shipping. Sometimes, when looking for Christian movies it’s hard to know if the movies you’re looking at are actually faith-based movies or not. The good thing about Fish Flix is they only carry Christian movies to inspire and entertain so you’ll never have to wonder if the movie will be suitable for your family or not. You can allow your kids, no matter their age, to freely peruse the website and find the movies that are most interesting to them.

They have a little bit of everything on their website. Any movie genre that you could possibly think of from Christian comedy to biblical movies, even to sports films. So you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for that’s suitable for your entire family at Fish Flix. If your whole family isn’t into enjoying faith-based movies then Fish Flix is a great way to start introducing them to the wide variety and scope of movies available in the faith-based category. You will be able to find a movie that every single person in your family will enjoy, maybe not all of them enjoying the same movie, but there will be a movie for each one of them to enjoy.

Some of the favorite categories of Fish Flix customers are biblical, children’s, and family movies. Fish Flix provides both DVDs and Blu-Rays for your viewing pleasure. There is near a limitless supply of faith-based movies for you to watch. Fish Flix is a family owned company who believes in high-quality entertainment and the value that that entertainment provides to the betterment of the world as a whole. So you can rest assured that they wouldn’t put any movies on their website that are not beneficial for all to indulge, consume, and learn from. If you’re looking for good quality wholesome entertainment there is no better place to find it than So if you’re in the market to purchase movies, be it one movie or a boatload of movies is your place. Head over to their website now to see the vast selection of available movies.

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