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Do you need to purchase Christian movies for kids? What are you
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what kind of movies did you watch as a kid? For me personally, I watc
The Bill Gunter series. it was a western series done by the pastor of
Church on the Move. The main character’s name was Bill Gunther,
while the supporting actors name was Nicodemus. there was a
blacksmith named Elmer Barnes. there was a banker named TU
Tutwater. The lady who ran the General Store was named Miss Lana.
there were other guests on the show, but it was mostly them that were
on every single one.They had all the typical landmarks of a western
show. They had a hotel. They have a livery stable. They had Barnes.
They had a sheriff’s office. They had a bank. They had a blacksmith.
And they had diners! More than just a show, the bill Gunter show was
a Christian series that talk kids valuable lessons while teaching them in
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Christian Movies: Motivational Movies
This Content Was Written For Fish Flix
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did you grow up watching Christian films like the VeggieTales?
VeggieTales has a great Christian show! It is for children! It is hosted
by Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. Bob the Tomato and Larry
the Cucumber narrate the show and sometimes act in it as well. It i
s a
show that tell stories from the Bible in a fun way! If you want to che
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