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Is right here at fish flicks dot com. You can go check out wonderful memories and perspective’s DVD. You know the Dietrich Bonhoeffer story about how he was killed by Nazis brutally put in concentration camps and you know stripped of every piece of dignity that he possibly had. And you know he was an intended minister. And they didn’t like that even more. So he you know. Realized that. Guide had a way in his life and that he had.
Drawn up he couldn’t be going to the Nazi regime. Ask him to join the church for them and.
One month before they surrendered. The truck was sent to an extermination camp and he was exterminated. The film has black and white and it’s very different. So if you want something like that to watch with your kids please come right now to fish flicks dot com there’s wonderful movies of Nazis dying as well as you know Christians living so please if you are a looking for Christian movies the best place to find Christian movies is right here on fish flicks where. You can find all the Christian movies that they want right. In one area. With different bargains family movies biblical movies you can get it all right here. So you know. A great way to be able to find something for the family find something for the kids. You can find all of that right here. We love being able to you know do the Sunday school movies thing. That’s a great thing for Sundays to be able to teach the children about you know different things that Clive and EON’s you know wonderboy and that’s a great program for the kids buck and Denver. But Denver and friends Clive any ends. So if you like but Denver and you’ve heard about Buck Denver before you know where he. What’s in the Bible and cetera et cetera. Well you definitely want to check out the wonderful selection of what’s in the Bible videos that we have. Right here. Why do we call that Christmas.
It answers all those questions for children that they may have had so that they no longer have them anymore so please if you need to get your kids involved in some Christian activities and get them to watch some Christian stuff instead of the Nicki Minaj and Hannah Montana as well you want to get right down here.
Fish floats where Christian movies have never been made easier to get than they are right now you can just go in like I said. You know they’re all the Christian movies on here categorized by you know different type or genre so you get to kind of look on the side here and see that oh you know children’s movies you can look at the children’s movies that we have for you know that are also Christian movies and see you know just all the great selection of Christian movies we have there’s so many folks you really just have to get online and look to be able to kind of take it all in. So please if you haven’t had a chance to look please do it. We would love to you know hear from you today. Check out the Penguins DVDs that kind of came from big time the people that are big idea the people that made Veggie Tales. They have those on here. Great for the kids. Helping others is not always easy but it’s always best to join the 3 to 1 penguins crew as they must help to save the town from a gigantic space tornado. So the Dume final rescue a giant space tornado threatens to destroy a peaceful little colony. And Jason the Penguins must jump into action and save the day showing the importance of helping others whenever there is need. It’s about 30 minutes long it is going to be in full screen format and there’s going to be closed captioning as well. It’s going to be. English subtitles and it was released in 2003.
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