All of my Heart, a family-friendly romance

A the end of a really long day one of the things that I like to do is unwind in front of the TV and watch a Hallmark Channel family-friendly romance. This channel has been making the difference in television since its official launch by Crown Media Network in 2001. Offering family-friendly movies that the whole family could watch and enjoy. Good quality productions and scripts without the need to add offensive situations/language, extreme violence or explicit scenes. In recent years the Hallmark Channel has broadened by making original series as well like Cedar Cove, When Calls the Heart, Chesapeake Shores and Good Witch to name a few. Also Crown Media has added the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel plus a new Hallmark Drama channel will be available soon.

One of the things I love most about Hallmark Channel and watching its family-friendly movies is that as you sit down to watch you’re completely sure that you’re going to see a heartfelt movie, be inspired, you’ll know that it will tug at your heart strings and by the end of it you’ll see a happy ending somehow and feel in a good mood. I’ll mention some of my favorite Hallmark Channel familAll of my hearty-friendly romance movies below and link them to the store.

With this said one of my absolute favorite movies from the Hallmark Channel is All of My Heart starring the lovely Lacey Chabert (who is basically the queen of Hallmark Channel movies since she’s done many of them and does them so well) and Brennan Elliott. This family-friendly movie is about Jenny, a caterer & aspiring chef who inherits a house but later is notified that she has to share it with an ambitious Wall Street broker. At first these two do not mix but as they work together to restore the house, new feelings begin to emerge.

All of my Heart begins with Jenny (Lacey Chabert) at her job as a caterer and how the owner of the house she was catering for was a woman she had gone to school with, therefore, someone who she hadn’t seen in a long time. One of the topics of their conversation is marriage, till this point, Jenny has a boyfriend who still hasn’t proposed but to look good in front of her previous classmate, she mentions her hope of a very soon engagement. But when she hears that her boyfriend is leaving for a while, she realizes that they both want different things. Later on Jenny gets the news that she has inherited a house, her first instinct is to be happy and excited till she realizes she wasn’t the only one who had the house to their name. Brian (Brennan Elliott), a New York broker, enters the picture as co-owner. When both of them see the property it looks in pretty good shape from the outside but as they inspect the interior they notice it’s literally falling apart & in need of repair. After Brian gets fired from his job, he decides to move in alongside Jenny but they agree to each stay in one half of the house. They both take on the job to repair the house and turn it into a bed & breakfast ready for inspection. At first these two are like oil and water but while working together it changes their perspectives about one another. Encouraging both Jenny and Brian is Vern (Ed Asner), an old man who gives them tidbits of wise advice throughout the film. Later on in the movie Brian gets offered a new job but this time around there’s Jenny to think about. Also Jenny’s old boyfriend comes back and wants her back in his life. Both Brian and Jenny have to make some really important decisions that will clearly steer their lives forward or backwards. Somehow it’s a decision to stay with the new or go back to the old.

All of my Heart has a great combination of love, drama, comedy, wittiness and it clearly demonstrates the importance and good results of working together for one goal. Every time I watch this movie I can’t help but feel warm and light on the inside so if you’re looking for a great family-friendly movie filled with romance All of my Heart is one I fully recommend.

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