Alison's Choice- DVD ImageThis Christian movie tackles a very important message about abortion and teenage pregnancy. One of the interesting things about this film is that Bruce Marchiano continues with his portrayal of Jesus just like he did in the Christian movie The Encounter. In the case of this movie, it is shown Jesus’ compassion and love towards His people in a much deeper way.

The Christian movie Alison’s Choice is about a teenage girl who learned that she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know where to go so she finds herself going to a clinic to end her pregnancy. But when she has a close encounter with Jesus she realizes that He has come to save her baby’s life.

At the beginning of Alison’s Choice, we get a glimpse of Alison’s relationship with Rick, her boyfriend. He’s not of good influence and his friends aren’t either so Alison’s is slowly but surely entering that world. Then when Alison and Rick take things too far, Alison becomes pregnant. Alison is quite hesitant on what to do, should she tell Rick? If he becomes angry about it, she’s scared that he’ll leave her all alone to deal with the situation. If he’s happy about it, he may want to go forward with their relationship and quite frankly she doesn’t see herself having a future with him. This young girl is conflicted inside and has to deal with the consequences that come.

Later on, Alison decides to tell Rick about the pregnancy and is suddenly surprised by his reaction. Rick reacts like nothing important has been informed to him and lets Alison know that the best for them both is not to have the baby and go on with their normal life. Hearing him talk about abortion comes as a shock to her but if she chooses to keep the baby her life will never be the same. She is sure that at her age she’s not ready to become a mother, for this kind of life-altering change and responsibility. Alison from the Christian DVD Alison’s Choice is being led by her fear of raising a person on her own and her heart is filled with doubt and uncertainty on how her loved ones will react when they know of her pregnancy. Alison at the moment thinks abortion is what she should do so she heads to an abortion clinic. There, many people try to give her some sort of advice about what she should do and now she’s even more confused.

Alison's Choice - DVD Image

There Alison is, in the waiting room with her head surrounded by fear and doubt. While she’s there, Alison is approached by what happens to be a janitor. She immediately feels peace when he approaches and she quickly notices that he’s different. The friendly janitor begins to talk to the desperate girl and inquiries her about her current situation. Soon after they begin talking, Alison realizes that the man knows a lot about her, like if he were present throughout her life. The words he speaks are full of love and inspire wisdom, like the words a loving father would say. That’s when the pregnant teen realizes that the man who’s talking to her is Jesus himself that has come down to speak with her. The janitor pushes her to look for another way and reassures her of how precious life is. That life is supposed to be cherished and not be eliminated just like that in a procedure that many people have turned to. He reminds her that abortion is taking the life of a baby that deserves a chance at life and that to eliminate a life is to take on the role of God.

Throughout this Christian movie, the value of life is greatly presented and it reminds viewers of what abortion really is, its true meaning. That the action of abortion is sadly taking a life of an unborn child and not the relief of a woman who doesn’t desire to be a mom. This Christian DVD also shows the impact that Jesus’ special visit made in Alison while she’s struggling to make a decision regarding her unborn child.

Alison’s Choice is a film very well made for teens and adults but I recommend for teenagers to watch the movie. You can find this Christian movie at!

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