Agenda – Grinding America Down – DVD

On January 9th, 2008, Idaho state representative, Curtis Bowers wrote a letter to the editor about changes he’d observed in American culture and a successful agenda he saw being implemented to impose socialist and even communist thought, ideals and practice upon America.  While he did expect a response, he didn’t expect a state-wide controversy that put him on the evening news and on the radar of the national media.  He realized that he’d hit on an issue that needed to be probed more deeply.

Curtis Bowers spent the next two years tracing the influence of communist thought from its founders and chief proponents of the past like Stalin and Marx through a complex matrix of connections leading to today’s movers and shakers in politics, social action, the media and even the Church.   What he discovered was not a conspiracy, because conspiracies are meant to be hidden, rather, he found a well-documented agenda to grind America down by sabotaging the family, business and culture.

Agenda – Grinding America Down, which won the “Best in Festival” at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, contains powerful evidence showing that modern politicians have been moved so far to the left of the political continuum,  that today’s “conservatives” think like yesterday’s “liberals” and today’s “liberals” can only truthfully be categorized as “socialists.”

Agenda is not a “fun” movie to watch, and frankly is quite disturbing, but the data and views in this documentary must be considered as Americans go to the polls this November.

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