God's Not Dead Shane Harper - DVD ImageYou may recognize this young actor because of his major role in God’s Not Dead where he played Josh, a college student who is confronted by his philosophy professor because of his faith. This is one of my all-time favorite movies, not just one of my faith-based favorites. I love how PureFlix managed this theme and encouraged people to not be ashamed of their Christian belief but to fight for it.
Shane Harper was extremely good in this film but did you know that before he became an actor, he was a dancer? Later on, he was cast as one of the main dancers in the hit musical High School Musical 2.
Other than being a very talented dancer and an actor, Shane is also a great singer and has released 3 EPs. Shane is also well-known for his recurring role of Spencer Walsh in the hit Disney Channel show ‘Good Luck Charlie’ which he was on for a few years.

Shane Harper was born in La Jolla, California and was immediately drawn to the arts, specifically singing, dancing and acting. Being so artistic and athletic it’s a given that he was involved in many activities growing up, for example, he took Karate, he played guitar, he took dance classes, he was involved in his local theatre group and many other things. Busy guy, right? When he was thirteen years old, Shane competed in a dance competition and after his presentation, he was offered an agent representation. And regarding his faith, well, Shane from the Christian movie God’s Not Dead was born into the Christian belief. As a pre-teen, Shane was really involved in his youth group and leading worship in their special services. But that belief would soon be tested as he encountered the entertainment industry at a deeper level.

In 2014, he was offered a really special role for a PureFlix movie, God’s Not Dead. Shane was attracted by this movie not only because it was Christ-driven but because the whole story of this Christian movie was very interesting to him. As his favorite author is C.S. Lewis, Shane loved that this Christian movie involved Apologetics since he had been fascinated by it for so long and he also loved that it discussed the ultimate definition of life itself. He knew that this project would be amazing for him but also a great challenge. Shane received the final script just the day before filming began so that itself is stressful enough, right? But there were other challenges as well. His first few days of shooting revolved around his debate scenes which in fact are some of my favorite scenes from the movie, but this was extremely difficult for Shane since it was basically many, many pages of lines, a monologue almost. At first, he was terrified and before the days of shooting, he would wonder how on earth could he achieve those monumental scenes. But Shane decided to put all of it in prayer but also put in some work as well and give 1000%. I think all Harper’s scenes from the Christian movie God’s Not Dead are a testament to God’s help because those debate scenes are amazing! Working in this Christian movie really helped Shane to prepare himself for having a heart that is prepared for conversations with other people with different beliefs and backgrounds. And working on this project made him even more aware of that and in learning how to speak about his faith.

In his process of entering the industry, Shane noticed that even though he had grown up in a Christian environment, he didn’t fully comprehend the importance of the Gospel and who Jesus was. It didn’t mean that he didn’t have faith but he didn’t quite understand it. He had to fully respond to the greatness of Jesus’ sacrifice for people and for him. Shane also had to understand the vastness of God’s mercy and grace which is available to him and everybody. He is still discovering this last detail as he continues his walk with Christ.

Shane Harper is setting a great example of faith-filled actors who aren’t hiding their true beliefs. Shane’s upcoming project is God’s Not Dead 3: A Light in the Darkness which will premiere in Spring 2018. Very exciting, right?

God’s Not Dead is quite an amazing Christian DVD, go check it out if you haven’t!

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