Actor's Spotlight Masey McLain - DVD ImageHello readers! This is my second Actor’s Spotlight post and I’m dedicating it to the amazing actress who blew people away with her performance in the PureFlix film I’m Not Ashamed playing Rachel Scott, one of the victims from the Columbine High School shooting of April 1999, Masey McLain. If you missed my previous Actor’s Spotlight post about Rachel Hendrix, you can find it HERE. In these specific posts, I talk a bit about the actor’s backstory, how they balance their job with their faith and how their faith is a part of choosing different projects.

Masey McLain is originally from Georgia and was born in January 1994. She first accepted the Lord when she was just seven years old while she and her family were in a revival. She mentioned to her dad that she wanted to accept Jesus into her life and be different. Since then she’s felt like the Lord has taken ahold of her life and led her, therefore beginning her journey with God.
Masey began acting in high school when she participated in a play that won on a one-act competition. Apart from her play winning, Masey won the award for Most Outstanding Actress. Even though she had no studies on the craft, this was like the push that Masey needed to grasp the though that maybe acting was what she wanted to do and give a try. With the support of her mom, a former theatre performer, she went on and got an agent. After booking her first major commercial, Masey was sure that this was it, that she was capable of doing pursuing it. She was fifteen at the time so basically, she considered acting as a hobby since she was still in school and couldn’t dedicate her time 100% to it. So after she finished school Masey made the decision of choosing to be an actress as a profession. She took the time to take more classes that helped her craft and her love towards acting continued to develop.

One day she heard about the audition for the role of Rachel Scott and Masey somehow had a feeling that that role was meant to be hers. She had never done a starring role before so she really thought it was a long shot. The process was a long one and she would be called a few times before telling her that the role was given to somebody else. But this story doesn’t end here! Before filming for I’m Not Ashamed, Masey is told by the producers of the film that they felt God had told them that the role was indeed hers. This process of waiting In God’s timing prepared Masey for her next step. Indeed Masey began feeling the pressure of the role since it was a true story and Rachel’s testimony was powerful. So she relied on those around her who would constantly giver her words of encouragement and always reassured her that God had permitted her to do that role for a reason. She went in knowing that if God had called her to do that, He would help her and give her the tools to do a good job.

For preparing for the role, Masey had the chance to read some of Rachel’s journals and had a chance to converse with Rachel’s mom as well. By reading those journals or talking to Rachel’s mom, Masey could see that they shared things in common and were similar in some ways. Especially the fact that Rachel wanted God to be delighted with her. Masey admired Rachel’s faithfulness to the Lord and how she wanted to make a huge impact and change the world but she began with her surroundings and being faithful to Him wherever she was.

Masey’s faith has always had an effect in what way she wants to go career-wise and occasionally knows that her conviction has a say in her decisions when playing a specific part. Also, she is conscious of being real and showing the human side of every role. But every time she gets offered a role or reads a script she is in tune with God and hears for His approbation. Masey also tends to ask herself about if she does get a certain role, is she glorifying Him whether it’s a faith-based role or a secular one.

I truly admire Masey for her approach to seeing her career as a way to glorify God who indeed is the giver of gifts and talents. Also personally I think she is a great actress and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what other projects she does in the future.

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