A Walk to Remember DVD

This has got to be one of my all-time favorite movies ever. Ever since I saw A Walk to Remember for the first time its storyline and beautiful acting impacted me in a great way. A film that involves many themes but I love that specifically gives out a great message of redemption and that it’s never too late. A Walk to Remember was released some years back, in 2002 to be specific. The film is based on the book by the same name written by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks. Starring in this movie we find a young Mandy Moore and Shane West.

A Walk to Remember is about two teens, Jamie and Landon who are stuck together after he is obligated to do community service after he gets in trouble.

This film begins with a peek into Landon Carter’s life of recklessness. Even though he is really popular at school, his rebellious ways put him in trouble. After being part of a prank gone wrong and the victim of the prank being another student, Landon is on the verge of suspension. The school principal gives Landon two options, to be expelled, or to be a tutor and participate in the school play. He chooses the latter.

Also, we meet Jamie Sullivan, the local minister’s daughter, a girl who dresses modestly and tries not to draw attention to herself. Landon has known about this girl since he was a little kid but since he was popular, all he ever did was make fun of her and her “geekiness”. Now both of them are participating in the school play and Landon knows Jamie is the one he should go to for help. She agrees to help him but makes him promise not to fall for her. Landon accepts quickly knowing that it wouldn’t be a problem at all. They both begin practicing for the playback at her house but Landon is worried about how if people see him with her it could ruin his popularity. This hurts Jamie since she had seen something good in him, underneath all that bad boy façade. At that point, she dismisses helping him until he is truly remorseful. With this, they continue to get to know each other and the opening night of the play officially changes Landon’s view of Jamie.

Later Landon gets the courage to ask her father to take her out on a date, her father is hesitant but Landon proves that he wants a second chance, redemption somehow. That all the popularity and the bad influence his “friends” had in him were in the past.

Since that first date, Landon is determined to help Jamie accomplish everything she has in the list of things she would like to achieve. All that hope for their relationship comes to a halt when Landon discovers that Jamie has Leukemia and this was not the first time she had had it. She was first diagnosed when she was younger and was in treatments. Now those treatments were not working with the effectiveness it once had. His world has suddenly crumbled and the thought of her suffering and continuing with this horrible disease makes him desperate to help her. Landon is now dedicated to Jamie and plans to make her reality a bit better than what it is.

I’ll leave it at that and I recommend for you to watch this movie and see what is the culmination of this beautiful story.

One of the things I’ve always loved about this movie is how Landon’s change throughout the film is extremely noticeable. The Landon you see at the beginning of the film is not the same one we see at the later half of the film. I always give huge props to Shane West who plays Landon because you can even notice a change not only in his character’s way of life but in his demeanor. (even if it sounds impossible but really, I even see a change in his face!) He gave such a great authentic performance! Also Mandy doesn’t stay behind. She portrays the innocence but also the strength that her character has as she goes through this tough situation. It’s beautiful to see how much Jamie influenced Landon’s life and showed him God through her.

If you love heartfelt movies you’ll definitely enjoy this one. And I’ll let you know that you may need to have tissues nearby because it’s a real tearjerker. A Walk to Remember is a winner in my book.

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