Christian music has seen its fair share of incredible talent, none more incredible than Rich Mullins, author of several world-famous Christian songs (such as “Awesome God”). Mullins was known for his different way of doing things. But regardless of his incredible yet alternative methods, his life and music were full of the love of Jesus. Now, a Christian film about Mullins’ life, Ragamuffin has been created in a way unlike most Christian movies.

Ragamuffin is about Mullins who grew up on a farm before he began to write Christian songs and play them with his friends. After being discovered by Amy Grant for one of his songs, Mullins found himself at the center of an intense yet unintended fame. He continued to write and produce phenomenal music throughout his lifetime and moved into a trailer in New Mexico to help teach music to underprivileged children. Refusing to give in to the temptations of fame and fortune, Mullins kept his music original and God-glorifying until his death in 1997.

Ragamuffin is currently being screened on tour around the United States and will hit theaters soon. Though its specificity and detail to such a recent character in Contemporary Christian Media are the first of its kind, several other Christian DVDs have taken an in depth look at the lives of Christian musicians and artists. We’ve put together a quick list of our best Christian movies depicting the evolution of Christian music throughout the years. Take a look!

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