If you’re at all familiar with Christian comedy and family-friendly movies, you’ve probably heard of a man by the name of Tim Hawkins, a comedian whose career in Christian comedy has spanned over a decade. After releasing several fantastic comedy specials on DVD, Hawkins’ name has surpassed household status in Christian circles around the nation. Whether it was a humorous musical number such as the Chic-fil-A song, or a stand up bit about the way Hawkins’ mother would make sure he was always well fed, Tim Hawkins has found a unique way to laugh at all the funny things in life without ever having to get inappropriate.

Now, after a illusive career of making fans laugh their heads off, Tim has released a new DVD: Tim Hawkins’ Greatest Hits and Greatest Bits, a collection of Hawkins’ best songs and stand up sections.

This 2 DVD release presents 20 live musical comedy songs as well as 5 funny music videos. On top of all that, this new DVD includes 43 fan-favorite stand up bits! The 2 DVD set also includes a behind the scenes look at Tim’s career as well as 35 minutes of extra bonus content from Tim’s early days in Christian comedy.

This long-awaited compilation project has finally arrived and is now available at Fishflix.com! You can also find all of Tim’s other titles here as well!

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Full Range of Motion


The Rockshow Comedy Tour

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