A story of a Scottish man who follows the Lord’s lead to America, A Man Called Peter is an example of when the nation of America would bow their heads in prayer and obedience to God’s plan for the country.

Starting out in the year 1915, and journeying through the wars of 1941, Peter, the Scottish preacher, shows his faith and trust in the Lord and gives great example of the courage that it takes to stand up for your faith. He proclaims it to young and old, to the government and to the family. Time and time again Peter gives hard truths about what each individual should be living out and collectively what we should be doing to advance His Kingdom.

His diligence and relentless work for the Lord are both encouraging and contagious. Although this was filmed in 1955, the truth within the film has hardly changed. It touches on women’s rights and modernizing the church, both in addition to other current events that are occurring in the church today.

A Man Called Peter is a DVD for all. There are lessons to be learned for any age group, and despite the year that this DVD was made, it is still entertaining and engages the viewer by its story of love, life and most of all, the commitment that Peter had to Christ.