Flight: The Genius of Birds, the new documentary from Illustra Media, blows away the typical idea of a Christian movie with scientific evidence and beautiful scenery regarding the existence of birds.

Now I know what you may be thinking…a documentary? A Christian documentary? A Christian documentary about birds? Yes. Yes that’s what I said. But after having the chance to preview the Flight: The Genius of Birds DVD, I have come to realize that even the simplest detail regarding creation is very, very complex. When watching Flight: The Genius of Birds,  you’ll find out that each feather on a bird’s body has over 1 million parts! Or perhaps you’ll find your mind blown by the fact that a hummingbird flaps his wings over 100 times every single second!

The complexity and intricate detail of every aspect of a Bird’s anatomy point to the abilities and work of a master designer who has engineered every piece to fit together like a 3D puzzle. This Christian film forces one to ask himself/herself, “If God did all of this for some birds that are smaller than most other animals, how many intricate details have gone into his building of the human anatomy?”

The curiosity inspired by Flight’s concrete evidence of intelligent design causes me to marvel at how these complex yet simple creatures that defy the laws of gravity each time they fly because that is what they were created to do.

I don’t expect you to watch this Christian DVD and think about birds every day for the rest of your life, because surely I will not either. But the idea suggested by these animals causes me to ponder what God has perhaps enabled me to do that may go against “laws” of nature. If Birds were made ingeniously to defy the laws of gravity, what was man made to defy?

What obstacles exist in our lives that our creator has designed us to intricately and easily overcome?

These questions inspire me to look further into nature and its characteristics. Families can expect to be inspired by fascinating facts and content that will spark conversations about creation and God’s work. I know that has been true for me since I have watched Flight: The Genius of Birds. I think it will be the case for you too. Check out the trailer for this moving Christian documentary;Flight: The Genius of Birds at FishFlix.com!

Flight: The Genius of Birds Will be available on DVD – May 14, 2013

Flight: The Genius of Birds Will be available on BluRay- June 11, 2013

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