I watch Christmas movies knowing that they’re going to pull at my heart strings a bit, knowing that they’re going to get me in the Christmas mood (even if it’s only October) and that they’re going to give me a bit of a good feeling at the end. The good ones do even more, and A Christmas Snow is one of the Good ones.

A Christmas Snow releases to DVD on October 8th and thus I’m reviewing it today. Despite temperatures in the 70s and it being the last day of September, I found myself in a real Christmas mood last night as I screened A Christmas Snow.

A Christmas Snow is the story of an elderly man, a woman and a ten year old girl who all have deep wounds. These wounds come out most vividly around the holidays. For one wounded character Christmas has become a time of faith and introspection, another throws herself into holiday expectations that could never be perfectly fulfilled, and the other swears off Christmas all together.

These three end up stuck in a house together over Christmas banging their issues, their pasts and their futures together as they’re snowed in with no electricity. What God does in their lives and their hearts during that time is beautiful, and in the words of the characters, miraculous.

I found myself completely drawn into the story as the rough edges get whittled off of the two “harder to love” characters, and the most lovable character, Sam (played by Muse Watson… the old guy on Prison Break) becomes even more endearing.

A Christmas Snow portrays a strong message of hope, forgiveness, family, faith and love, without ever being preachy in a way that make an unbelieving audience shun the film. I believe that A Christmas Snow will become a new holiday tradition as a beloved Christmas film like The Christmas Shoes and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Hats off to Trost Moving Pictures for a job well done.