94 Feet - DVD ImageI hadn’t heard about this Christian movie before and after hearing what it was about I knew I had to learn more. I think one of the great things 94 Feet focuses on is that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes when tragedy occurs in our lives we tend to get frustrated with God and question why he permitted that certain tragedy to occur but we have to be reminded that everything occurs for a purpose and that something positive will bloom out of a difficult situation. Our faith and loyalty will be tested but we have to stay true to the One who can bring us out triumphantly.

94 Feet, the Christian movie is about a community that has been sustained by an industry for many years but when that industry threatens to shut down and its owners give up, a horrible tragedy is what can save the town.

In this Christian movie, the audience is transported to a small community which its main industry is the mining industry. We meet the Rossi family and Chris, the husband, works in the mines and this way he is able to provide for his family. But one day he discovers that work at the mine was becoming dry and his bosses let him know that they will be laying off the great majority of the workers, almost an 80% of family bread winners. Chris is sure that the town will most likely disappear as the layoffs begin and people decide to leave and look for other jobs to survive. The town itself will most likely not survive. Chris and his wife Denise have been an essential part of the town for many years and now he doesn’t know what to do.

One night at a town meeting Chris tells everybody that he’ll be leaving town in order for him to find a new job opportunity. This comes as a shock to the rest of the town as everyone knew how important this couple was to the locals. But Chris and his family had to find new offers. This hasn’t come easily to Chris and Denise as they still struggle with the decision as they always considered the town as home but they are reminded that home is where their family is so if that means going somewhere else but they had each other, it was fine. At work, Chris lets his boss Shane know of his departure but to Chris’ surprise, his boss is very negative towards his cowardly decision and blames him for what has happened. Chris reassures Shane that he can’t do anything to save the town, that it’s lost and all that’s left to do is leave.

The last day of work arrives for Chris from 94 Feet and he’s eager to after this day, leave the company, but other things were in store for him. Back home, Denise is packing for their departure and planning for everything they’d need when they leave. Suddenly she feels a ground shake-up, sort of like an explosion and everybody goes outside to find out the source. Everybody is horrified when they realize that the shake-up’s origin comes from the mines. Denise immediately thinks of her husband, Chris.
Quickly rescue worker and the town approach the area where the cave-in occurred and try to get Chris and the rest of the workers out. There’s a difficult catch though, they’re 94 feet deep with rock, and debris which of course makes it more difficult for them to get out. There are many huge concerns regarding the people stuck under, for example, food, water supplies and of course, oxygen. Would they have enough oxygen down there to breathe?
Denise is not sure if her husband survived or not and she has to start embracing not only the possibility of his survival but of not finding him alive as well. Definitely a difficult moment for her not knowing of his condition.

A lot of tension happening in this Christian DVD, right? Now at this point in 94 Feet, we are asking ourselves, what will happen to Chris? Is he alive or not? Were there any lives lost? Will the rescue team be able to get the workers out? Will the town survive? If Chris is alive, will him and Denise leave still?
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