WCTH Second Chances - DVD ImageIf you haven’t seen this Original series from the Hallmark Channel, well, you should! Shows like this one are much needed in television today & I’m so glad that they’ve chosen to spread light and values through our screens. When Calls the Heart: Second Chances is the next Christian movie that comes after When Calls the Heart: The Dance. In that specific movie, a new miner had arrived in town called Billy Hamilton and he takes a liking towards the new schoolteacher, Ms. Elizabeth Thatcher and they were spending a lot of time together. Mountie Jack didn’t quite like that scenario and he was sure that Billy was acting suspiciously. He truly believed the miner had wrong intentions towards being in Coal Valley and getting to know the daughter of a wealthy man. It turns out, Jack was right! Billy was only in town because he had Elizabeth’s money in mind. Rude, right?! Elizabeth apologized to Jack for not believing him.

Now, in When Calls the Heart: Second Chances Elizabeth is still dealing with some insecurities after the whole incident with Billy Hamilton. She still feels guilty for not listening to Jack and fall for Billy’s remarks. Jack reassures her that he’s not upset with her but ends up saying something that is not quite to Elizabeth’s liking and she comes to the conclusion that maybe she can’t trust Jack as well.
Abigail is always there for Elizabeth and listens to her concerns and frustrations, always managing to bring comfort and offer her words of wisdom. Speaking of Abigail, when her husband and son were still alive they would rave about how good her baked treats tasted and now that she has more time on her hands, she has come back to it. Elizabeth is one to tell her of how good her food, reassuring her that it’s better than the food served to her by the glamorous culinary school chefs her family had back home. This makes Abigail think and with all the time she has in her hands, she could dive more into baking and cooking so she attempts to reopen the town’s café.

Because Mr. Gowen is the mayor of the town, Abigail has to present her idea to him. But Gowen has some conditions. Presented in this Christian movie, if she wants to reopen the Coal Valley Café, Abigail has to split the profits made with him, do all the repair work herself, move from her current home and stay in the small quarters above the café. At first, Abigail doesn’t want to give up her own house but then again, opening the café again may be what pushes her to move forward from her husband and son’s death.

WCTH - Second Chances - DVD Image

Now, back to Elizabeth, in this Christian DVD Elizabeth is experiencing some trouble with one of her students. Bo Grady is having a difficult time reading and those around him think that he’s just not smart. But, of course, Elizabeth doesn’t believe that for a second as she’s sure Bo has a lot of potential. She visits the boy’s parents and asks if they authorize her to give Bo an intelligence test to see what his abilities are. While there, she notices that Bo has a lot of model airplanes done and she learns that he has put them together by seeing images of planes in the newspaper or magazines, not by reading instructions. Elizabeth is convinced that Bo is extremely intelligent.

Later on in this Christian movie, Jack is still trying to win Elizabeth’s trust back and he wants her to know that he has true feelings for her. He finds the courage to ask her out on a date but Elizabeth answers no as she still doesn’t trust him but Jack is not going to give up. Soon Elizabeth accepts but only if he helps her with Bo’s intelligence test and Jack is all up for it. Bo’s test results arrive and it seems that he’s been suffering from dyslexia and Elizabeth understands the reason why he’s been having so much difficulty with his studies.

What’s happened with Abigail, you ask? Well, one night she didn’t return home and Elizabeth got extremely worried. She asks for Jack’s help in looking for her and sees what has happened. Abigail has fallen asleep in the old café as she was working with some cookies. She is somewhat discouraged that she won’t get the café open in time and now doesn’t know if opening it is the right thing. Now it’s Elizabeth’s turn to encourage her and give her that push needed to continue on.

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