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This Christian movie has a great topic & sadly, we have seen the struggles that main character Cory has in the movie in other people, especially in some athletes and people in the limelight. One of the things I love about this Christian DVD is that it presents the theme of redemption very clearly and it certainly gives hope to anybody who watches this movie to seek to be better in Christ every day.

Home Run is about a professional baseball player who suffers from substance abuse and is forcefully taken to a rehab center in his hometown. There he comes to terms with his rocky past and discovers hope as he tackles to coach a tricky Little League team.

At the beginning of Home Run, we meet Cory Brand. His childhood is quite frankly not one he ever wants to remember. His father was constantly angry and always was drinking, therefore he was constantly drunk. His father would force him to the batting cages and would throw him massive fastballs. Cory would often fear that one of those incredibly fast fastballs would actually come directly at him and hit him since his dad was almost passed out. Cory wants nothing more than to forget his past but sadly, he can’t seem to do that.

Some twenty years have passed and now Cory is a famous baseball player with an amazing career. He’s considered an All-Star batter on the team from Colorado, the Denver Grizzlies. He’s living the famous life and he loves that part. His father passed on for a while now but Cory still remembers his dad’s drunken rages and all the fastballs directed at him while in the batting cages. Cory’s past continues to play with his head and cause an effect on himself. Even though those moments from the past push him to be better in the field and to be quicker, the addiction his father had has become an addiction in his life as well. Cory drinks in his room, on the baseball field, in the locker room and before hitting up a game. Then one day the drinking got out of hand and causes a scene. To add to the fire, the moment is caught on video and posted on YouTube. This baseball player’s life is getting out of control with every day that passes and everyone now knows it.

Home Run - DVD Image

Cory from Home Run, the Christian movie, has now a DUI and is suspended for eight weeks from his team. He was once extremely popular among the fans, he was a successful person and now things weren’t looking so great for him. His agent Helene Landy (played by Vivica A. Fox) tries to think of a way to save his career and reputation and she comes up with an idea. She sends him back to where he grew up, in a small town in Oklahoma. But they didn’t send him home without some specific instructions. Cory has to serve as coach to the Bulldogs, the local Little League team, also he has to be in a local recovery program for eight weeks, to get his life together and quit drinking. Of course, this is the plan his agent has for him, not the plan that he intends to follow. All he has to do is get by through the eight weeks, get through the “recovery”, go home as fast as possible. All of this with a drink on his hand to make the time pass quicker. He just wants to get it over with and get his old life back.
His plans don’t go as he originally thought. The Little League team he is placed to coach is filled with kids that need guidance and a role model, not a suspended baseball player. He reconnects with Emma, his high school love although she’s not very keen on reconnecting with him. Her husband passed away and is indeed struggling to continue to raise her son Tyler.

From the outside, Cory, later on, seems like is doing what he can to change but on the inside, he’s continually dealing with his horrible past and it oftentimes comes to play with his mind and emotions. Cory from this Christian DVD has been given a second chance, at life basically but the question is will he make the most of it or just stay the same and lose everything? Will those that once cared for him accept him back with pen arms?

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