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The storyline of this Christian movie is very interesting to me. I applaud PureFlix Entertainment for this movie & I think Faith of our Fathers is a very important film to add to their released projects. I didn’t know about this movie beforehand & let me say it’s quite interesting. Many recognizable faces are a part of this Christian DVD for example, Candace Cameron Bure from Finding Normal, Kevin Downes from Courageous, Stephen Baldwin from God’s Club and David A.R. White from the God’s Not Dead films.

Faith of our Fathers tells the story of how fifty years before, two courageous men, both husbands, and fathers gave their lives in the war and now more than twenty years later, both their boys go on a journey to know about the fathers they never had a chance to get to know.

At the beginning of this Christian movie, we meet John Paul George (played by Kevin Downes) who is considered a very nice person and someone who is quite good. He’s engaged to a woman named Cynthia (played by Candace Cameron Bure) and his life currently is pretty great. Then his mother passes away unexpectedly and while checking the garage, John discovers a box filled with things that belonged to his father, Stephen. He hadn’t really gotten the chance to know his dad since he had passed away in the Vietnam War when he was only a child. It was also sad that he didn’t know him after his death either because his mom never talked about him. So finding the box and going through his dad’s stuff opens a cascade of questions and feelings that he had never experienced towards his dad. Cynthia encourages him to look into more details about the things he had found. They both find a letter that mentions a certain “Eddie” so both Cynthia and John Paul assume that this fellow Eddie and Stephen were good friends before Stephen’s passing. John Paul finds a phone number and decides to call Eddie but what he hears on the phone is not the reception he expected, quite hostile to be exact. Suddenly John Paul makes a risky decision, surprising himself and Cynthia, he decides to hop on a plane, head down south and meet up with Eddie.

There John Paul from the Christian DVD Faith of our Fathers discovers that the person he talked on the phone is actually Eddie’s son Wayne Adams (played by David A.R. White). Another discovery John Paul makes is that Wayne is completely rude and totally unwelcoming as he sounded on the phone. John Paul calmly tries to explain his visit to the grouch Wayne and tries to get the truth out of him. Wayne does admit that he does own some letters written by John Paul’s father Stephen and that he can show them to him but there’s a “small” price to pay. He’ll give John Paul a letter, but he has to pay him $500 for each one. But it doesn’t stop there, another condition is that John Paul has to go to Washington D.C. with him and visit the Vietnam Veteran’s War Memorial.Faith of our Fathers - DVD Image

Now, these two guys, complete opposites, an unlikely pair go on this life-changing journey together but getting to know more about his dad is motivation enough for John Paul. Later on, Wayne and John Paul begin opening the letters, giving them a glimpse of who Stephen was and who Eddie was. At this point of Faith of our Fathers, we are taken to the 1960s where we get to see Eddie and Stephen. Just like we get to know these characters, so do John Paul and Wayne. It is discovered that Stephen was a man of great faith who was a dedicated father and loving husband. At his base, he is eager to save every man he can when the case arises and here he meets Eddie Adams. Eddie didn’t care a great deal about Christianity or God. But as John Paul and Wayne continue to read the letters and the war continued in them, both learn about what their fathers struggled with, their hopes and dreams and their faith. They also discover and learn something remarkable. That how a father’s love transcends time and that the Heavenly Father’s love is the same and even greater.

What I also love about this Christian DVD is that it pays homage to all the people who served or still serve in the military and give their lives for the love for their country.

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