A.D. The Bible Continues - DVD ImageIf you loved The Bible Mini-Series, you’re going to love this Christian DVD! From the same producers from the mini-series, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett comes A.D. The Bible Continues. But what is the difference between both series? The Bible Mini-Series, for example, takes us on a journey from the book of Genesis through Revelation. Basically telling the most important stores throughout the Bible and finishing with the story of Jesus, his ministry, his death, and resurrection. Now in this Christian DVD we are presented more in-depth that time after Jesus’ resurrection and how the apostles lived to spread the message of Christ. Persecution of that early church was everywhere and they continued on speaking the truth. It’s sort of a new retelling of what we know of the New Testament.

Each episode of A.D. The Bible Continues has 12 episodes of one hour each and all of them have a piece of the whole story.

The first episode is called “The Tomb is Open”. Jesus has died on the cross and has been placed in a tomb. We see how Caiaphas orders extreme protection towards the tomb not wanting anyone to steal the body but little did he know that the tomb would open anyways and Jesus would be free of death. Now Jesus’ body is indeed “missing” and the search for it begins.
The story continues in the next episode called “The Body is Gone”. Here we see what happens after Jesus is not found in the tomb. Mary Magdalene visits where Jesus’ body is supposed to be and is stunned when he isn’t there anymore so she runs to tell the news to the apostles. Now, Caiaphas on the other hand when he hears the news of the missing body is engulfed with anger, not understanding how this would’ve happened if he had guards all around.
Next, we have episode 3 of A.D. The Bible Continues “The Spirit Arrives”. We see how Caiaphas battling with some choices he has made and it’s quite troubling him. The apostles, however, are in constant prayer regarding what comes next for them but just as Jesus had said, they receive the promise and fulfillment of the Holy Spirit. This serves as motivation to them to continue on speaking the Gospel to those around them and beyond.

A.D. The Bible Continues - DVD Image

Episode 4 is called “The Wrath” and is quite intense. Caiaphas is on the lookout to find an assassin but when that person doesn’t step up, he demands ten Jews to be crucified each day until the person who’s guilty steps up and owns what they did. On the other hand, Caiaphas himself put Peter and John on trial because of their ways of evangelizing. Later on, they both are released and because of what had happened, the ministry spreads and leads to the start of a revolution. In episode 5 we see Stephen’s story unfold as he is brave to speak the Word and confronts Caiaphas, speaking out against him. This, of course, doesn’t sit well with Caiaphas so he demands for Stephen to be publicly stoned. Episode 6 called “The Persecution” shows the tension and oppression the Christians begin to feel as those in higher positions fear of their uprising. Both of these groups are in a constant fight over power and there’s also fear of the growing religion that is Christianity.
A.D. The Bible Continues in episode 7 puts the spotlight on Saul of Tarsus who starts his search for Peter and makes a decision to persecute all Christians to end them. Of course, Caiaphas supports that decision.
However in episode 8 “The Road to Damascus” we see Saul on a trek to Damascus when he’s suddenly blinded by Jesus himself. After this memorable experience, he changes his name to Paul and makes a promise to serve the Lord and also to spread the good news of salvation to everyone. Episode 9 is about Saul preaching the Christian message and how those who knew him before are shocked at his sudden change. His presence is somewhat troubling with the Christians since they are hesitant to welcome him after all the horrible things he had done before towards them. In Episodes 10, 11 and 12 of these Christian DVDs we see how Paul is imprisoned then set free, many people give their lives to Christ and how the Christian revolution spreads and so does the message of Jesus.

I love how this Christian DVD focuses on the New Testament, specifically that time after Jesus ascension. And we’re given a more in-depth look at what the apostles and the early church had to endure to continue spreading the message of salvation.

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