VeggieTales: God Wants Me to Forgive Them? - DVD ImageVeggieTales have been and continue to be an important part of children’s lives. Each movie or episode comes with rich lessons important for kids to grow up in their faith and learn more about values and morals needed for them to grow up into men and women of good. The wonderful animations and songs linked with these important messages are what differentiates VeggieTales from other animated shows for children. You can’t go wrong with VeggieTales!

VeggieTales: God Wants Me to Forgive Them? DVD is divided into two stories both regarding the theme of forgiveness.

In the first story of this DVD we meet Pa Grape, he is the father of the Grapes of Wrath. They are a family with many members and nobody knows how to treat each other well or to be nice. They are known to be quite obnoxious, spending time insulting each other and being rude to others. The sad thing is that they don’t wish to change their incorrect behavior. Now they’re in a car going down a road and in their trek they crash into a tree. Near the incident is Junior Asparagus and he goes over to them as he saw what had happened. But you’d think the Grapes would be appreciative but no, they begin to call him names and make fun of him because he’s an asparagus. Junior’s dad comes over and explains to the Grapes that it’s not right to make fun of other. He makes an attempt to make them apologize for their bad attitude and behavior but to no avail. Junior though forgives the bunch. Suddenly Larry and Bob the Tomato appear and interrupt the scene adding their thoughts on the theme of forgiveness. They read a verse from Scripture and discuss what Jesus says about the topic.

The story of the Grapes of Wrath continues and they’ve suddenly realized the true meaning of forgiveness. They feel bad for their horrible behavior and ask for forgiveness, promising to change. They even change their name from Grapes of Wrath to Grapes of Math! They all leave in the car now singing songs about math.

The second story from VeggieTales: God Wants Me to Forgive Them? DVD is called Larry’s Lagoon. The audience sees Larry the Cucumber who’s driving a boat specifically for tourists. While he’s supposed to be aware of the steering wheel of his boat, he gets caught up in a daydream. This causes a grave aftermath when the boat crashes and the boat sinks which leaves all the passengers stuck on an island. Larry is sorry for everything that has occurred but his passengers aren’t very quick to forgive. They’re upset with him and become quite mean towards him. So said and with so much guilt, Larry has to get away from the people and he thinks he’s better off by himself. Bob the Tomato has seen everything and feels bad for Larry and all the mean words that have been directed at him. Bob speaks to all the passengers, trying to put some sense into them trying to make them see how gravely they’re words have affected Larry. They all speak on the matter and they all choose to look for Larry and ask for his forgiveness for their wrong ways. They find Larry and inform him that they forgive him and ask for forgiveness for the wrong way they treated him. Very glad, Larry accepts and all of them are content. A song begins about forgiveness which serves as a conclusion to the important topic.

The Professor who was among the group shows a helicopter made out of bamboo that he’d been working on and offers for everyone to jump in and they all escape the deserted island. It’s a great reminder for kids that working together makes for great results.

VeggieTales: God Wants Me to Forgive Them? Teaches kids that although it’s occasionally hard to forgive someone who has done us wrong, God and the Bible tell us to forgive, love them and continually put them in prayer. That if we don’t forgive, we’re prisoner to bitterness and will affect the relationships that we have in our lives. I love that even this is considered a children’s product, adults can also enjoy along with their kids and be reminded of these lessons.

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