3 day test - DVD ImageThe topic of discussion in this Christian movie is very important and sometimes it is forgotten in this day and age which is the endless use of technology. Basically today it’s very hard to be away from phones or Internet for a long period of time. It’s kind of like a safety blanket for example like having your phone all the time and if it’s not there it’s very hard to continue on. Society today so dependent on those things and it’s unimaginable to be without them. So I love that this movie talks about that.

3 Day Test is about Martin Taylor, a family man who has lost touch with his family. He comes up with a plan to not use technology or electricity to have the time to reconnect with them.

In the Christian movie 3 Day Test, Martin Taylor (played by George Newbern) has a pretty good life. He has a great job as an accountant where he’s successful at, he has a great wife and three kids and he and his family live in a big house. But soon Martin’s “perfect” life is starting to not be so great as it’s being affected from the inside. For example, Jackie (played by Megyn Price), Martin’s wife, is always frustrated that he doesn’t seem to ever have an initiative to lead the family and be the head of the household. Also, Lu (played by Taylor Spreitler), Martin’s teenage daughter, is always saying that her dad doesn’t understand her, and quite frankly he has no idea who her friends are, what she does in her spare time and who she goes out with. Adam (played by Aidan Potter) is always involved in his world of electronics and the youngest daughter Jessie who’s four years old is always glued to the TV. The Taylor family from 3 Day Test really doesn’t communicate which leads them to be frustrated all the time.

At this point Martin and his family are constantly angry with each other and remain isolated in the old house so he becomes quite tired of this and worried that his family is falling apart in front of his eyes Martin decides to do something different, a 3-day test. So he goes on during the night and turns off everything, water, electricity, Internet, cable, shuts down the windows and locks the doors. Basically it no one can get out of the house and no one can get in for three whole days. His family is quite shocked and don’t like the idea but he encourages them to look at it as an adventure and how fun it’s going to be but that’s what he says on day one.

To add to the attention that the Taylor family has during this time, Martin’s bossy older brother Sam (played by Kevin Crowley) visited them so now they’re all stuck together and it definitely adds to the tension. But they’ll have to survive and follow through but during this process, they are reminded of their faith and the importance of family. They are reminded that Family is more important than technology or their phones and that they had to cherish each moment with their family.

This Christian movie even though it has many moments that are filled with humor it holds some really important truths. When Martin Taylor notices that his family is breaking in half his first reaction this to do nothing basically but then he is reminded of a very important thing that is that family is worth everything. So he grabs that mentality of doing whatever it takes like staying inside a dark house, painting the windows black, anything to regain the family that he once had. Get another movie presents some really dramatic actions like shutting down all the heat during winter, it reminds the viewers that investing in the family is important and they’re worth our time. What are the things that I love that this Christian DVD reminds us of is that we have to be present. And that we have to take the time to pause and be thankful for everything that God has given us. To appreciate family and to be with them it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate but to engage with them.

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