23 Blast - DVD ImageTo those of you who enjoy watching the game of football or sports, in general, will enjoy this Christian movie. If you don’t watch sports as much I think it will be of your liking as well. It’s not just a sports movie, its message goes beyond that and quite frankly we can apply it to our daily lives. The story presented in 23 Blast is inspired by the true story of Travis Freeman, a teen who loses his sight but works hard to continue to play his favorite sport, football. A great story of perseverance and overcoming obstacles.

To give more info about what 23 Blast is about, this Christian movie is about a very talented high school football player is suddenly ailing from permanent blindness. He must make a choice, to live his life safely as a handicapped or be brave and find a way to continue his lifelong dream of playing football in spite of his circumstance.

From the beginning of the movie, we meet Travis Freeman (played by Mark Hapka) who with his best friend Jerry (played by Bram Hoover) would always play football since they were little kids. Everyone knew Travis specifically had this special talent. In high school, both guys are accepted into the local team, the Redhounds. Travis would always get the praises and his ability to be a natural leader was known as well. He even got the prettiest girl in school. His friend Jerry, on the other hand, didn’t care much about his studies and he wouldn’t take the game seriously. Mostly what he would do was get himself in trouble. I believe that some jealousy was present between Travis and Jerry’s friendship.

Suddenly Travis from 23 Blast begins to feel some headaches occasionally and one morning his eyes are swollen and he barely can open them. He is rushed to the hospital and is diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. There he is given different types of antibiotics to help him but is quickly rushed to surgery. Even though the doctors did what they thought was best, the bacteria had been there for a while and it was too late. The infection has affected his eyes so in consequence, he is now blind.

For Travis this is the end of everything he’s ever known, he was seeing pitch black not just through his eyesight but in a lot of aspects in his life. Depression creeps up on him and the desaire to do things was diminishing. He had lost any chance he had to continue to play football, the game he always loved and put his hope in to take him to a good college. His girlfriend wasn’t there anymore to be by his side and give him support.

It was considered for him to begin a school specialized for the blind but with the help of his mobility coach, his parents and his friends, Travis begins facing his new reality and little by little he starts to do things on his own. Because of this, Travis starts going back to his regular school and occasionally sits at football practice. One day Travis’ coach suggests that he play with the rest of the team. Of course, Travis is shocked because he thought he couldn’t, or could he? So this definitely gives him hope. Maybe he can go back.

Travis works hard, practicing every day after school and his friend, Ashley (played by Alexa PenaVega) stays on the sidelines helping and cheering him on. After seeing how far Travis has come, his coach makes an approach about having him return to the team. This is what Travis had been waiting for and now without any hesitation, he accepted. He begins playing again, this time in the position of center. Before he returned, the team was losing many games and had lost hope of getting to the playoffs but now that Travis was playing he was able to help them go to the state playoffs. A dream come true for him and the team.

This Christian movie is such a great reminder of how to trust God and not focus on what our current circumstance is. To go forward and trust that God has a plan and that it will turn out good. That some curveballs can come to our way. Occasionally I like to sit down and watch some great sports movies, here are some of my favorite sports movies that I enjoy watching:

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