As the echoes of Christmas carols and images of New Year celebrations slowly fade into our individual history books, the attention of almost the entire United States population lands on one new topic: Resolutions.

By definition, a resolution is an act of determination upon a course of action or firmness of purpose ( For many (including this blog writer), the decision was made sometime near the beginning of December (usually around Thanksgiving Day) that it was okay to eat as much of just about anything one could desire. You know how it goes, “Well… I wouldn’t want to disrespect my country and relatives by not examining this Thanksgiving feast in detail.” This clever act of patriotism is normally followed by the justification of even more food thanks to “winter weather” and “Oh my goodness…would you look at that pie recipe!” Soon, we find ourselves at the double-entendre that is Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. “Well I know if Jesus came to MY birthday party and refused to eat of my birthday cake, I’d be highly disappointed. Now I will do unto him as I’d like for him to do to me and partake in the festivities that honor his birth! Anything less would be MOST unchristian!” Until finally, we arrive at that fateful last night of the year. Let’s face it, we all think of something like this, “Oh I know! I’ll set a New Year Resolution to work out more and eat healthier. In order for that to happen, I shouldn’t have this pie in the fridge the first day of January. So, I’ll have to eat it…all of it…now.”

Yes, these things happen. And You know what? It’s okay.

But still, we at FishFlix would love to help you in your efforts to follow through with your New Year’s Resolution. Here are some of our Christian-inspired Workout DVDs to help You this January and hopefully beyond! Happy New Year!

Pure Pump with Tonya Larson

Step Pump with Tonya Larson

Trim and Toned in 20! with Tonya Larson

Faithful Workouts: Cardio and Strength training

Walk at home: A Closer 2-Mile Walk

Sweating in the Spirit 2 with Donna Richardson-Joyner

And for any of our friends who may be pregnant, check out

Glow: Prenatal Cardio Sculpt