1500 Steps - DVD ImageIf you enjoy coming-of-age stories then this Christian movie is the one for you. It’s not your typical American film, in fact, it was filmed in Australia, in Sydney to be exact. This movie is about finding self-motivation and continue going on. To not lose hope that God can still continue to help you no matter the circumstances that surround you.

The Christian DVD 1500 Steps is about how a former Olympian takes on a problematic runner and help him see all the athletic potential that he has.

1500 Steps is located in Cronulla, a suburb near the beach and here is where we meet Jonas “Jobe” O’Brien. He is 16 years old and a high school student. He has had a really difficult life and at school, things aren’t good. Jobe doesn’t have any friends or certain motivation to do things so basically nothing encourages him or inspires him. For most of his life, he hasn’t been able to accomplish anything great therefore he hasn’t been able to connect to people that much. At this point in his life, he has to choose to continue living the way he is living or to work hard on something. Because of his lack of friends and not being able to people he is considered a loner and the loser of the school. So this fact is what makes him be bullied at school.
One day in this Christian movie things start to change for our main character as Grace, a girl from school, starts to see something different in Jobe and chooses to befriend him. Them become close and they begin some kind of romance but this is not something that the school bully Damon is liking. So now Jobe from 1500 Steps is in Damon Dundas’ bad side both of them are always butting heads since Damon thinks that Jobe “stole” his girlfriend. So Grace and Damon were a couple before and now that Damon sees how Grace is on the loner’s side and always supporting him he gets really angry and promises to get some kind of revenge. This is really not the only thing that angers Damon, Jobe also always manages to win on school running competitions. In whichever race both of them run in, Jobe always wins with some pretty impressive times.

Because of his anger towards Jobe from 1500 Steps, Damon decides to do something that really turns out to be quite a disaster at a high school party. So basically Jobe is being blamed for having drugs at the party and it’s basically something that has been made up by someone else. So now Jobe things that he has to get revenge on Damon which actually brings some bad consequences to him. Soon a retired Olympian named Harry White notices this young man and it chooses to train him to make his running even better. Harry sees that Jobe has a natural ability so he helps them to become a better athlete but also through these lessons he starts to teach him about life as well. At this point in this young man’s life, he is at a crossroads as he has to decide to continue on feeling depressed and angry all the time and lacking the motivation to do better things with his life or to work hard and become the best man and runner that he can be. Harry encourages him to take a stand and show Real perseverance and faith in himself.

Then in the Christian DVD 1500 Steps, the tragedy occurs when one of Jobe’s friends is drugged at a party but it ends up being fatal. Jobe feels that he has to do something so he becomes angry and all this rage comes back. He starts feeling this rage not just because his friend has died but from many years of suffering because of his dad being an abusive alcoholic. All of this has an effect on Job and he has to make the right choice to go the way to make his life better.

So now the question is what will Jobe from 1500 Steps do? Will he become the man that God created him to be or will he just give in to the anger?
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