Talking About the Greatest Christian and Family DVDs in the World

Our growing list of reviews cover a wide range of films for you to review before watching them. With so much to choose from out there, who has the time to figure out what is worth watching and what isn't?

Our hope in providing these reviews is that they will help you choose films suitable for you and your family, create opportunities for discussion, and give you insight from multiple perspectives.

For the Theatrical Releases, our hope is that you can use these films and the Christian perspective review as a pre-evangelism tool to begin conversations with friends who need to hear about the love and redemption of Jesus Christ.

Miracles from Heaven – a message of hope

Miracles from Heaven is a Christian movie inspired by true events of the Beam family. It presents us a 10-year-old girl named Annabel who’s suffering from an uncommon digestive disorder and is suddenly cured miraculously after going through a horrible life-threatening...

When Calls the Heart – A Perfect Family Show

Looking for a show to watch with your family? When Calls the Heart is it. From a few years back till now, many Christian movies have become a part of the movie line-up in theaters everywhere and have become successful. Speaking into the hearts of movie-goers and...

Are you ready for some Christian Football Movies?

Top  Christian Football Movies Fall is here, and as you all know, fall = Football! You may wonder what football has in common with Christian Movies, but you’d be surprised to learn that there are a lot of football movies that are specifically Christian Movies, and...